It’s the middle of May, and that means we are in the teeth of bird migration season. In fact, International Bird Migration Day just took place over the weekend, celebrated by bird watchers the world over. But there’s a challenge that looms large for migratory birds, and not surprisingly perhaps, it’s put there by us humans.

According to experts we talked to, between 100 million and 1 billion birds die in North America every year due to building collisions, mostly in the fall and spring. (This number doesn’t even include collisions with wind turbines or communication towers.)

You’d think birds could just fly around buildings; you’d be wrong. For numerous reasons, navigating flight through a place like Chicago is far more dangerous for birds than flying through dense woodlands. Listen to the podcast for a full convo with Field Museum ornithologist and ecologist Doug Stotz and Annette Prince of Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.

Then, #ReadtheMyth for the rest of the story!

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