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Worldview Pro Chat: Food Waste

The way Worldwatch Institute sees it, Americans waste three times more food between Thanksgiving and New Years than any other time of year. The way we see it? Any waste is too much when it comes to lip-smacking holiday treats.

So what’s a food-loving planet-lover to do about food waste? And why does it even matter? We asked Barbara Willard, PhD, environmental science communications expert and associate professor at DePaul University, to dish on what’s up with global food waste—and what each of us can do to ensure every last bite is savored.

Listen in now, savor your meal later —>

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Worldview Pro Chat: H20 Pollution

Talk about the “I” of the hurricane in water pollution. Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa are the top three contributors to the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, due to big-time nutrient pollution spilling off agricultural land.

We got the down-and-dirty on what’s going on—and what it’ll take to turn things around—in this recent round table with Joel Brammeier, executive director of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, and Paul Botts, executive director of the Wetlands Initiative.

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Worldview: Animals Speak With Accents, Too!

Animal communication has been observed and documented for centuries, but we’ve only scratched the surface of understanding this complex world of grunts, barks, and howls.

Listen in as Bill Zeigler, senior vice president of Animal Programs at Brookfield Zoo dishes on the noisy world of animal talk—and how deciphering their languages can aid in conservation efforts.

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