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On the Air: 4 Ways to Green Your Wood Fire

Quick—what’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word fireplace? Cozy, right? Yeah. The word itself just makes you want to pull up a chair and settle in wrapped in a nubby blanket with your honey.

That said, you may have also noticed you might actually need that nubby blanket, because in a standard fireplace, the fire creates a cool draft as most of the warmth is sucked out through the chimney. Not to mention the sooty smoke that fills the house while you-know-who gets the fire started. Idyllic? Not so much. So EcoMyths readers want to know: How do you make fireplaces and wood stoves burn warm and clean—and green too?

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On the Air: Bugs Aren’t Diabolical, They’re Just Standoffish

While decorating the office with the last of our giant fake Halloween spiders last week, the EcoMyths team was inspired to explore the age-old question, “Are bugs really out to get us?” Today on Worldview, Jerome McDonnell and I had two experts on the hot seat: Corrie Moreau, PhD, an ant specialist at the Field Museum, and David Wise, PhD, a professor at University of Illinois at Chicago and an authority on spiders.

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On the Air: Wild Predators in Illinois?

Remember the black bear spotted throughout the summer wandering through cornfields and backyards in Northern Illinois? Several large mammals that we are not used to seeing in the Chicago region have been turning up occasionally in recent years. Not just bears, but also cougars and wolves. Get the camera! This is pretty cool. As long as you are indoors and the animal is outdoors.

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On the Air: Disposals vs. Trash

Is it better for Mama Earth to dispose of food waste by putting it down the sink disposal or into the trash? In the latest EcoMyths segment on WBEZ, Kate joins Jerome McDonnell to tackle the age-old question of whether it’s greener to send food waste down the sink and into our water system, or just to throw it in the landfill-bound trash can. Providing them with the answers are Eric Masanet, PhD, life cycle analysis expert at Northwestern University, and Debra Shore, commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago.