Need environmental lessons and activities, customized environmental education, or workshops that empower action and knowledge? You came to the right place.

Power to the Educators!

Calling all teachers, parents, and other community rockstars helping educate our youth—you’ve got an ally in EcoMyths!

Looking for a more colorful way to teach environmental science? Cue EcoMyths!

Through our partnership with PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy, we’re currently developing a free, online curriculum program that meets both NGSS and CCSS standards.

This interactive program inspires environmental awareness—and then some. It also stimulates interest in the broader STEM fields by facilitating personal connections with real-world scientists and engineers.

Stay tuned for future complete lesson plans and activities for teachers, funny science videos, hands-on water testing experiments, and a video hotline that enables students to learn directly from scientists.

Innovative Resources, Built to Suit

Ever wish you had a personal genie expert to answer tough environmental science questions? Consider the bottle uncorked, with EcoMyths’ Ask An Expert program, which puts students and teachers in easy contact with current professionals in the STEM fields.

EcoMyths can tackle topical questions, of course, but can also show students how cool science jobs can be by demonstrating their work in our science-in-action videos.

To learn more, check out this handy program flier.

Naturally Funny Workshops

iStock_000019975635MediumWhat’s better than a fun lesson plan? A super fun educator mixing things up in the classroom, customized environmental lesson in tow, that’s what.

EcoMyths’ Naturally Funny workshops include Making Recycled Paper, Stuff We Put in Our Water, and Waste is the New Oil. We would be happy to lead our hands-on workshops in-person for Chicagoland schools.

Please contact Beth Kosson to discuss the exciting possibilities.

* TOP PHOTO CREDIT: Chicago Botanic Garden.

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