OneGreenThing-TapWater-EcoMythsNow that you’ve read the myth, here is the DL on how to green your water-drinking routine:

Drink filtered tap water. The type to buy depends on the contaminants in your local water, but here are some good options to consider: ZeroWater pitcher, PUR Advanced faucet filter, and the Water Factory Reverse Osmosis under-sink system.

To find out which is best in your area, visit EWG for the full scoop.


More ways to help:

  • Invest in reusable bottle (like this beaut!) and refill with filtered tap water before you leave the house.
  • Ask your favorite restaurants to offer filtered tap water instead of bottles
  • Help protect our water supply by recycling plastic whenever possible

Why bother? If everyone in the U.S. buys one less bottle of water per year, we’ll keep 6.8 million pounds of PET plastic out of our waterways.

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