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Olympic-Champion-SmallDo All Yard Plants Score Eco-Gold?

Let the gardening games begin! For many of us, the hottest sport of the spring season is prettying up the yard or garden. Eager homeowners can be spotted across the country lining up at their local nursery to seize upon the brightest flowers, the shapeliest shrubs, and the most climbable trees. Most people limit their goals to finding something pretty and interesting that will grow well in the space. That it will be good for the planet is a given, cuz any plant is just as good as the next one in terms of environmental value, right? Not so fast, competitors. While all plants do contribute to our world in some way, whether by producing oxygen or sheltering wildlife, some have way more perks than others. Some are ace water-savers, some clean the air like it’s going out of style, and some make pollinators positively swoon.     Read More.

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