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Worldview Pro Chat: Food Waste

The way Worldwatch Institute sees it, Americans waste three times more food between Thanksgiving and New Years than any other time of year. The way we see it? Any waste is too much when it comes to lip-smacking holiday treats.

So what’s a food-loving planet-lover to do about food waste? And why does it even matter? We asked Barbara Willard, PhD, environmental science communications expert and associate professor at DePaul University, to dish on what’s up with global food waste—and what each of us can do to ensure every last bite is savored.

Listen in now, savor your meal later —>

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This Easy Action Really Does Score Epic Impact

Behold, Big-time Inspiration

This rousing 30-second spot shows us how one simple change really can have mind-blowing impact. So go ahead, ditch the flimsy paper cup for an actual mug, and you’ll save absurd amounts of Earth’s valuable resources. (For specific absurdities, check out the video.)

Huge thanks to our friends at Comcast Spotlight Chicago Creative for producing this appropriately epic PSA, which is airing now on 64 stations across Chicagoland. And now…

Snag your earth-saving mug HERE!

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Are We Too Busy to Care About Nature?

Has it become a hassle to care for the environment? Or worse, has it actually become passé to care in the first place?

While the ’90s made environmentalism cool again, some statistics indicate that identifying as a greenie may have gone the way of the erstwhile high-waisted jean or Friends hair. Yes, according to a 2014 Pew survey, Millennials, don’t wanna be called environmentalists.

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Myth: All Plants Are Created Equal


Do All Plants Score Eco-Gold?

Let the gardening games begin…

The hottest sport of spring is now playing out in gardens across the country, with eager shoppers lining up at their local nursery to seize upon the brightest flowers, the shapeliest shrubs, and the most climbable trees. For most people, the criteria is simply to finding the prettiest, most likely to thrive seeds and starters.

That it will be good for the planet is a given, ‘cuz any plant is just as good as the next one in terms of environmental value, right?

Not so fast, competitors. While all plants do contribute to our world in some way, whether by producing oxygen or sheltering wildlife, some have far more perks than others when it comes to water-savings, pollinators, and more.

Let’s dig in.