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Worldview Pro Chat: Food Waste

The way Worldwatch Institute sees it, Americans waste three times more food between Thanksgiving and New Years than any other time of year. The way we see it? Any waste is too much when it comes to lip-smacking holiday treats.

So what’s a food-loving planet-lover to do about food waste? And why does it even matter? We asked Barbara Willard, PhD, environmental science communications expert and associate professor at DePaul University, to dish on what’s up with global food waste—and what each of us can do to ensure every last bite is savored.

Listen in now, savor your meal later —>

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Myth: Hold Your Nose — Composting Stinks!

“Hold Your Nose!”—Said No Real-Life Composter We Talked To, Ever

Every nose has its own unique point of view, er, smell—but all are likely to turn themselves up at the smell of rotting trash. Why then would we assault our nasal passages by composting, aka, piling up a bunch of food and plant waste with the express goal of, gasp, purposefully letting it rot?

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Green Pups 101

Bringing Home Your Best Friend—Eco-friendly Edition

—by Jessica B. Turner, PhD candidate, West Virginia University

Dogs are (hu)man’s best friend, but getting one means you have to be ready for a fun, exhausting, and crazy transition…and if you’re like me, that includes keeping things earth-lovin’, too.

Having recently done the homework to prep for my own new pup—all 12 pounds of wrinkly, wobbly, under-foot, energetic love that he is—I’m pleased to share with you the quick scoop on easy green ways to welcome your new dog home.

Read on for a combination of DIY and ready-made ways to ready, set, green doggy’s homecoming, from toys to cleaning to potty-breaks.

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5 Ways to Ditch Paper

Paper Pile-ups, Begone!

 by Lauren Topor, multimedia journalist and Arizona State University grad

There’s nothing quite like tax time to remind you that paper has a knack for piling up. That’s especially true when you consider that the average American receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year, nearly half of which ends up unopened in a landfill, according to 41pounds.org. Plus, even though total paper consumption in the U.S. has declined in recent years, Forest Ethics reports that North American paper consumption still remains a major driver of worldwide deforestation. (Aka, boo.)

The good news is, technology has made it easier than ever for you to reduce paper waste. Here are five great ways to go paperless now:

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MiniMyth: Face Scrub Isn’t Made of Plastic

When you wash your face, the goal is to get yourself nice and clean—not slather your body in plastic. But, bizarre as it may sound, many exfoliating scrubs and other personal care products like soap and toothpaste are made with tiny plastic particles called microbeads.

And though they’re so small you might never even notice they’re there, their very smallness has become a big problem in our waterways, according to the Alliance for the Great Lakes’ Olga Lyandres.