About EcoMyths.org

EcoMyths.org and the EcoMyths alliance, were originally founded in 2008 by Kate Sackman, with the goal of presenting important information about our environment in a credible, but approachable and fun, way. The original mission statement was:

EcoMyths Alliance empowers each of us to make greener choices in our daily lives, specifically by doing OneGreenThing at a time. We accomplish this by making environmental science fun, accessible, and wait for it…encouraging. Yes, our actions do matter! Doom and gloom, smell ya later.

Our vision is that green living will become mainstream and routine—instead of something perceived as extreme or hard. By overcoming the overwhelmingly negative messages surrounding environmental issues, we reveal how simple, positive steps really do add up to a cleaner, greener world.

For this project, Kate enlisted a substantial team of environmental scientists, along with writers and a cartoonist, to create articles around environmental myths, and other related topics. The goal was to present accurate information from highly credible sources, in a non-intimidating, even fun, format.

Most of the content of this website was developed by Kate Sackman, with contributions from Daisy Simmons, Beth Kosson, Bob Kirschner, and Jim Hunt, along with assistance from Meshawn Alaya and Tiffany Plate. We refer to this team throughout this website as the “EcoMyths Team”.

In 2019, the EcoMyths.org website had ceased further development, and was shut down. In 2020, the project was revived by Steve Metivier, with assistance and permission from Kate Sackman. Today, we continue the effort to present factual, actionable environmental information, including small steps anyone can take, and recommendations for eco-friendly products that benefit our planet and our future.

All content attributed to “EcoMyths Team” is copyrighted by the EcoMyths Alliance, and used with permission.