Explore the Chicago River, One Click at a Time

— by Betsy Hands, director of outreach and community relations, Friends of the Chicago River

Click to learn about all the potential fun and intrigue along this gem of an urban river.

Outdoor adventurers and map enthusiasts, take note: Friends of the Chicago River has unveiled a new tech-savvy tool to navigate the ever expanding array of recreational and entertainment options throughout the city and highlight restoration work along the river. Explore Chicago River is an interactive website that functions as your guide to any and everything the Chicago River has to offer.

Want to know the nearest place to launch your boat, or the best place to grab a cool drink and a bite to eat while taking in the city architecture and boats along the river, or even a little history of the bridges that span the urban canyons of downtown? All of this and more will be a click away on Explore the Chicago River’s easy-to-navigate map. While scrolling through the map you can discover the Chicago River like never before, from finding a park or preserve in your area to uncovering the rich history of Chicago along the banks.

Along with innumerable recreational and entertainment options, the map will showcase the tireless work Friends and its partners do to restore the Chicago River, including events, active restoration sites, and the many successes that have made the river the more beautiful and hospitable waterway that it is today.

All of this and more is just a click away! So go ahead: Make Explore the Chicago River your own personal tour guide of this unique waterway.