Can You Recycle Clothes Hangers ?

clothes hangers for recycling?

Like everything else, whether or not you can recycle hangers depends on several factors – most importantly, who provides your trash and curbside recycling service, where you live, and what the hangers are made out of. Can Wire Hangers Be Recycled? Wire (metal) clothes hangers seem like they ought to be easy to recycle, but … Read more

Are Paper Plates Compostable? Recyclable?

compostable vs recyclable

Can Paper Plates Be Composted? Yes, sorting our trash is confusing. Is it that paper plate compostable? Is it recyclable? Is it biodegradable? Should we just throw it in the trash, off to the landfill? Here are a few pointers, to help you “sort out” these reuse questions when looking for eco-friendly plates and cups. … Read more

Composting Vs Garbage Disposal – Is it Better for the Environment to Compost or Use the Garbage Disposal?

Spoiler alert: Clearly, composting is way better for the environment than using the garbage disposal, and it costs less as well. Composting keeps the garbage from ending up in a landfill, where it generates much more methane, a greenhouse gas. Composting saves using up space in the landfill. And, composting actually creates a valuable resource … Read more