humans and nature science + tips

Planet Earth is a pretty sweet spot to call home. More than any single building could ever hold, this great big green world has nurtured humankind’s earliest memories, our greatest leaps forward, and our most awkward/endearing moments…so yeah, most people have some deep feelings, spoken or not, about our shared casa.

Behold, scientific research that explores the touchy-feely relationship we all sometimes have with our natural home.

art and nature science + tips

hot art and nature science

cool art and nature tips

  • The Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods is all about exploring the connection between art and nature
  • The Field Museum’s Restoring Earth exhibit brings conservation science to life through art
  • Nature in Art: Celebrating the Beauty of Art – and the Nature in it: This Nature Conservancy series is packed with goodies like nature-inspired books and a quiz about nature in film.
  • Got kiddos? The National Wildlife Federation has fun ways to get arty in nature

benefits of nature science + tips

hot benefits of nature science
Think it’s too cold to get outside? Experts say do it anyway — it’s good for you!

cool benefits of nature tips

  • Active Living Research, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program working to prevent childhood obesity by examining how environments and policies influence children and families
  • The Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights, Chicago Wilderness’ Leave No Child Inside Initiative
  • Outdoor meetup opportunities: Look for fun wintry activities like snowshoeing and cross country skiing
  • “A Walk in the Woods,” John Lofy, Michigan Today, 2006
  • 20 Ideas for Fun and Easy Activities for Kids and Parents [PDF], Chicago Wilderness
  • Eco-Schools USA Student Resources, an age-based collection of activities and info for kids looking to green their schools
  • Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv, 2008
  • The Sense of Wonder, Rachel Carson, 1998 (reprint)
  • EcoMyth: Getting Outside Is Fun But Not Fundamental

caring for nature science + tips

hot caring for nature science

cool caring for nature tips