Greening Chicago One Block at a Time With The Field Museum

Living in the city, it’s easy to feel like high rises outnumber trees and people are more numerous than plants—but that doesn’t mean we can’t create sustainable communities to reduce our impact on the environment. Four Chicago neighborhoods are trying to prove that with the help of the Field Museum’s Making Climate Change Local initiative. … Read more

Trees: They’re What’s for Dinner

Information provided by CZS/Brookfield Zoo, an EcoMyths Alliance Partner. If you’re an animal at CZS/Brookfield Zoo, trees might be what you eat for dinner. More specifically, “browse” is the name for the trimmings taken from about 800,000 to one million trees—and that’s just a small percentage of the approximately 9,000 miles of trees ComEd prunes … Read more

Starved for Outdoor Fun?

Getting outdoors is fundamental as well as good fun, as we explored in a recent myth-busting article. But there’s no need to be literally starved for outdoor fun.Starved Rock State Park celebrated both its 100th anniversary and a record number of visitors this year, according to a recent article in the LaSalle News-Tribune. With 2,181,083 … Read more

2011: The Year in EcoMyths

by Katie Casas, Director of Public Outreach, EcoMyths Alliance We hope you have enjoyed our environmental myth-busting this year as much as we have! As we celebrate the beginning of 2012, here are the highlights of 2011’s EcoMyths: Myth: The Chicago River is Mostly Toilet Water. The Chicago River is famously known for being green…as in … Read more

Myth: Getting Outside Is Fun But Not Fundamental

 Dear Nature, you were a great fling, but now that winter is here, I’m thinking I’ll stick to the inside world. —Sincerely, Your Summer Romance When you think about it, nature can really seem like the perfect commitment-free relationship: no matter the season, you can have fun together whenever you want, for as long as … Read more

Chicago’s Own Big Thirst

Thanks to Friends of Debra Shore for providing this information. The Big Thirst was here! Charles Fishman, author of this landmark book on water, culture, and scarcity, visited the Chicago area this past weekend. Big thanks to Debra Shore, an EcoMyths Alliance advisory board member and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater … Read more

Myth: Bats Are Foe, Not Friend

Picture this: It’s a dark and stormy night (isn’t it always?), and the streetlights have all gone out. You hear a suspicious rustling just ahead of you. Skin prickling, hairs standing straight up on your neck, you cautiously step forward. Suddenly, you see a winged shadow flicker across the broken drifts of moonlight. Where’s Buffy … Read more

Myth: An Apple a Day Still Keeps the Doctor Away

With apple season in full force, and dreams of cider, pie and other fall favorites dancing in our heads, we wanted to know:is the crunchy fruit still a healthy pick? In this era of pesticides, does “an apple a day” still keep the doctor away? Some argue no, at least when it comes to apples … Read more