Myth: You Need a Car to Get to REAL Nature


Myth busted!

In livable cities, including many in the U.S., you don’t need a car to get to nature—you just need your feet, a bike, or ticket to ride public transit.

So get out there and play already!

Want the full scoop? Read the Myth.

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I try to be more Bee-Friendly. #OneGreenThing

Steve B.

Steve B. befriends bees!

I walk everywhere! #OneGreenThing

Brian G.

Brian G. walks everywhere!

I use a recyclable water bottle every day! #OneGreenThing

Carla R.

Carla R. uses reusable bottles!

I always take public transportation! #OneGreenThing

Sergio A.

Sergio A. takes public transportation!

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