This Easy Action Really Does Score Epic Impact

Behold, Big-time Inspiration

This rousing 30-second spot shows us how one simple change really can have mind-blowing impact. So go ahead, ditch the flimsy paper cup for an actual mug, and you’ll save absurd amounts of Earth’s valuable resources. (For specific absurdities, check out the video.)

Huge thanks to our friends at Comcast Spotlight Chicago Creative for producing this appropriately epic PSA, and now…

Snag your earth-saving mug HERE!

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OneGreenThing love

I try to be more Bee-Friendly. #OneGreenThing

Steve B.

Steve B. befriends bees!

I walk everywhere! #OneGreenThing

Brian G.

Brian G. walks everywhere!

I use a recyclable water bottle every day! #OneGreenThing

Carla R.

Carla R. uses reusable bottles!

I always take public transportation! #OneGreenThing

Sergio A.

Sergio A. takes public transportation!

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