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EcoMyths Alliance empowers planet-loving folks by clearing up environmental misconceptions in order to unearth easy ways to be green. We accomplish this with communications and education programming that makes environmental science fun, accessible, and wait for it…encouraging.

And as a nonprofit organization, we depend on generosity from readers like you. Please join our efforts to green the world, one myth at a time.

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OneGreenThing love

I try to be more Bee-Friendly. #OneGreenThing

Steve B.

Steve B. befriends bees!

I walk everywhere! #OneGreenThing

Brian G.

Brian G. walks everywhere!

I use a recyclable water bottle every day! #OneGreenThing

Carla R.

Carla R. uses reusable bottles!

I always take public transportation! #OneGreenThing

Sergio A.

Sergio A. takes public transportation!

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