Myth: You Gotta Drive to Get to REAL Nature

Do You Need Four Wheels and an Engine to Get to Nature? City is often pitted against nature: Concrete jungle vs. forest or prairie. Civilization vs. wilderness. Shops and museums vs. prairie. But are cities as disconnected from nature as they seem? Must city-dwellers with an itch to experience wilderness rely on four-wheeled motorized vehicles to … Read more

Wild Revelations 2: Simple Solutions

What does a true wildlife conservation rockstar think will make a difference in our quest to save the world? Hint: It’s simpler than you might think. Stuart Strahl poses with a seal! He may have the coolest job ever… (Brookfield Zoo/CZS) I had the amazing opportunity to find out how/why at the 2015 International Wildlife … Read more

OGT To Go: How to Recycle Pumpkins

What’s spookier than zombie mold devouring your aging jack-o-lantern from the inside out? When it happens in a landfill, and does nothing but contribute to our collective methane problem. So, why waste good decomposing pumpkin when you could instead make like a OneGreenThing pro and… Recycle your pumpkin! Here are some ways to do that: … Read more

Myth: Animals Don’t Say Much

Are Animals Saying More Than We Think? Woot, whup, arrrrrp! To the untrained ear, this typical whale ditty may sound more like an unintelligible frat chant than a formal dinner invitation. And yet, a growing body of research indicates that whales—and many other of our non-human brethren—have far more to say than we realize. While … Read more

Environmental Consequences Aren’t Just Externalities

—This is part one of a two-part series by Laurence Hayward, EcoMyths board member and founder/partner of Independence Equity & VentureLab I hate to think about how long it has been since I was a hopeful freshman anxious to fill my brain with everything I could cram in there. I had developed an interest in … Read more

Why Plants Are Awesome to Study: A Love Song From a Scientist

— by Jessica B. Turner, PhD candidate at West Virginia University I haven’t always studied plants. When I was a kid, I thought I’d become a marine biologist or a zoologist. This led to great experiences doing reef surveys in Hawaii, and studying the stress level of endangered wild asses (no joke). It wasn’t long, … Read more

It’s On! (Our Curriculum Pilot, That Is)

Across the country, classroom chalkboards are once again filling up with fresh ideas. So in honor of the new school year and our own big news, we decided to share a happy update of our own—from our chalkboard to yours… Ladies and gents, we’ve got a pilot! And we’ve begun collaborating with schools to test … Read more

All Riled Up for Wild Things

Headed to the Wild Things Conference going down Saturday, January 31, at UIC? If so, let’s connect—Team EcoMyths is on the lookout for new conservation-loving friends like you. — by Beth Kosson, Education Director, EcoMyths Alliance You’ll be able to easily spot our crew (without binoculars) at this year’s Wild Things Conference in Chicago, where … Read more

Myth: Wild Predators Belong Anywhere But Here

Meaty Topic: Are Large Carnivores Moving Into a New Neck of the Woods? Plenty of people like the idea of big wild animals like bears, big cats, and wolves roaming the land…in theory. Large meat-eaters can exude an aura of cool, plus, their babies are ridiculously cute. But when these top-of-the-food-chain creatures, aka apex predators, … Read more

Do Scare Tactics Motivate YOU to Live a Greener Life?

Many environmental organizations use scare tactics to motivate people to take action. For most people, the end result is that they are overwhelmed and too discouraged to act. Listen in to an interesting conversation I had on this very topic with Diane Wood, president of the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) as we explore different … Read more